Elizabeth Ridge

Hello! I am a self published author from Iowa. I am a wife and a mother of two, Roland and Arthur. I have three poetry books published so far with four and five in the works. Here you’ll find updates, links to my work, and my blogs. My hope is that somewhere in my work you find a piece of yourself, that you can sit and get lost in some words, and that those words may inspire your own.

Everyone has a story to tell… here are some of mine…

Grab my poetry here (don’t forget your favorite mug and drink) ENJOY!

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The Quiet

The Melody has Gone to School The Quiet There are missed notes of memories here Part of the cycle of youth There is less energy here For a third of the measure to sun to the moon Less delay Less rush Repeat for five bars a week And the Quiet The Quiet stole the memoriesContinue reading “The Quiet”


yes, you While musing over the fourth book of the Words of the Seasons series (while I should be working on the third releasing first this summer) I can sit and reflect and be grateful for the ability to still complain. To still have time to complain, to sit, to muse, to wonder, to reflect,Continue reading “End-etic”

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