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Hello! I am a self published author from Iowa. I am a wife and a mother of two, Roland and Arthur. I have three poetry books published so far with four and five in the works. Here you’ll find updates, links to my work, and my blogs. My hope is that somewhere in my work you find a piece of yourself, that you can sit and get lost in some words, and that those words may inspire your own.

Everyone has a story to tell… here are some of mine…

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yes, you While musing over the fourth book of the Words of the Seasons series (while I should be working on the third releasing first this summer) I can sit and reflect and be grateful for the ability to still complain. To still have time to complain, to sit, to muse, to wonder, to reflect,Continue reading “End-etic”

Woman; The Predator

The female lion does much of the hunting for their pride.  They are perhaps better at it than their male counterpart.  Some female octopi prey upon their mates (humans must be relieved that isn’t a dominate trait in most species).  The tigress become mothers at a young age, lose about half of their children to lack of food or other predators, and yet the tigress is one of the top predators and a known fierce protector of their young. For women, we are predatory if you ask too much or take up too much space or choose dress in a certain way.   In direct sales you are a predator for simply being too bothersome

The Garden Witch

I never did get those pills to make me normal, to make me not a weed.  I was told though that I would outgrow it. I never did.  I kept on being a worry weed but I also kept on pretending. Magical adventures as a good witch with enchanted gardens.  How could one worry so much with a garden?

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