“Oh, Sunchilde: Summer Soliloquies” COMING THIS SUMMER!

“I wanna eat the sunshine like candy/ Get the/ Rays stuck between/ my teeth/ Hide behind the shine,/ come find me/ come find me, all me….”

Construction of the Summer edition of my 4-part poetry series is underway! I cannot express how excited I am. I have spent much of my poetry “career” writing about mental health. The sad, depressed, struggling parts of my existence. But- it isn’t all bad, is it? I want to share the heat inside too!

Truth of the matter is that after publication of “Dandelion Picking” I kind of fizzled out and I put the final two collections on hold. I was going through more than I was aware of on the surface. My depression over the years had gone untreated (as I thought I was okay and able to handle the sadness) and it led to a numbness so great I truly felt everyday like I would never get out of the winter inside of me. As 2021 came to it’s final quarter I hit a rock bottom (or two) and began to defrost so to speak. I began to work on a novel (taking a short poetry break) and started to dig deep into actual self care- not just the bubble bath kind.

I wrote a lot in “To Want the Winter” about how cold I feel. I never knew that my depression was screaming at me through those words, telling me to reread and look again. But more on that in another blog coming soon. Now, I’m warming up, I want to share that heat with you all. I want “Oh, Sunchilde” to be feverish, intense, and full of self-love and self-empowerment. In the Winter installment I wanted to bring forth a sense of urgency of talking about our mental health but our mental health isn’t always the lows so the Summer book is going to be about embracing the sunshine and warmth.

While I do have some of the book wrote from a variety of pieces written in the last year or so I decided to put a general date out there to hold me accountable (JULY!!). However, this wasn’t some “new year, new me” resolution or goal. This is purely to survive the Winter. I want to write these pieces in the coldest season so I can stay defrosted! (Positive mindset works, right?) I also plan to be back to blogging consistently and I am keeping up on the artwork too. Speaking of that this collection (and probably the Fall book as well) will contain artwork instead of photos. While I stay warm by my own fire it’s always warmer with friends so I’d love for you all to be in on the journey- scroll down and subscribe for $2/month to get sneak peeks and chances to help me out in the writing process – which will get you mentioned in the acknowledgement of the book!

Thanks for reading- In the meantime I plan to dive into blogging consistently and on Jan. 24th roll out my Noom project which is a funky little Moon being jamming to music and laying down a few poetic lines. They will be a mix of art and micro poetry- check back for more info soon!


Noom! Coming Jan 24th

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A poet and author from Iowa. Just trying to make feelings into words and make it mean something. Or nothing. You read and decide

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