What Burned First? – a piece of an epic poem in progress

Final Act – Oblivious Ode and Deaths Dirge “What burned first?” asked the Air to the Dirt. “Must have been man” interjected a falling Star. “The Earth coaxed the Wind on the embers like a Siren and blew Them across creation with fiery” the Dirt revealed. “But who started the fire?” The Atmosphere pleaded with…

Bottom of the List

A lifetime of last I write this not to boast or brag about a cleaned office. Not to say depression got me here and this is how I overcame it. Not to say I will never let it get this bad again. And definitely not to say that I will never put myself last again.…

The Quiet

The Melody has Gone to School The Quiet There are missed notes of memories here Part of the cycle of youth There is less energy here For a third of the measure to sun to the moon Less delay Less rush Repeat for five bars a week And the Quiet The Quiet stole the memories…

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