To Know Her

Wouldn’t you like to knowKnow Her like the elbowKnows to prop up a sigh from the lipsLike the knees only knowThe weight of hipsKnow Her curves and dipsCrevasses Know decayed Crypts To Know Her breathThat leaves Her at deathLive within Her Waking DaysSit within the way Her words swayOff knees, without anyone to prayNot found,…

The Path Forward

A lot of things happened in my professional and personal life last year- I distanced from close friends to begin boundaries I got my psoriasis diagnosed and began treatment. Still struggling with flare ups I carried weight of hurting family members who needed help, love, and forgiveness We said permanent goodbyes to those no longer…

What Burned First? – a piece of an epic poem in progress

Final Act – Oblivious Ode and Deaths Dirge “What burned first?” asked the Air to the Dirt. “Must have been man” interjected a falling Star. “The Earth coaxed the Wind on the embers like a Siren and blew Them across creation with fiery” the Dirt revealed. “But who started the fire?” The Atmosphere pleaded with…

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