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The third collection of the Words of the Seasons poetry series is underway! Check back in the blogs to find updates- Coming JULY 2022

Dandelion Picking is the second installment of my Words of the Seasons poetry series. This collection is not only about the awe of parenting but also the struggles, the guilt, the tears, and the self discovery we go through along the way. AVAILABLE NOW

eBook/Kindle and paperback available here

Signed paperbacks are available- email me at ridgewritings@elizabethridge

To Want the Winter is the first book of the Words of the Seasons series and was published in March of 2021. It contains heavy mental health themes and encompasses a portion of my life where I felt the lowest on a path of self discovery and self care.

eBook/Kindle and paperbacks are available here

Signed paperbacks are available- email me at

Engraved in the Bark was my first published collection from 2013. I’m so grateful for PBL Limited Publishing who took a chance on me all those years ago. Like my other work there is frequent mention and symbolism to trees and birds but this collection was a bit all over the place as a first time poet. Still, it was an important ‘season’ of mine.

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